Cessna 172 Desktop Simulator

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2 Month Turn Around Time on Desktop Units 2-4 Month Turn Around Time on Full Sim Builds

SHIPPING is handled separately after completion, as shipping charges change over time.

Enhance your flight simulator experience today with this professional-grade flight simulator solution. ATF is bringing affordable professional-quality flight simulators to your doorstep. Perfect for home or professional use.


All of our hardware is built to the standards needed for BATD and AATD-level certified simulators. The difference however that sets us apart from our competition is our focus on affordability while also delivering a very high-end professional product.


Whether you are just starting out with your flight training, or you are an experienced pilot who is trying to remain proficient and safe, a professional-level simulator setup is an amazing tool. With our Cessna Style Desktop Mounted unit, pilots, or student pilots are able to practice proper and accurate checklist flows, Scans, Instrument procedures, Emergency Procedures, and more.


Although we are able to configure the panel for a variety of aircraft, this particular unit is designed after the Cessna 172 G1000 Equipped Aircraft.


Although there are many options on the market for flight simulator panels, the one thing that sets us apart is our choice to stick with aluminum. ATF is focused on realism, and capturing the user experience received when flying a real aircraft. Most aircraft are constructed with aluminum MIPs. So why should your simulator be any different?


The G1000 Cessna 172 Simulator Panel is made from 2.5mm Laser Cut Aluminum. The panel is designed based on a modern Cessna 172 G1000 Equipped Aircraft. The unit measures 40" in width and 19" in height. Some measurements have been slightly adjusted to allow for proper clearance of different thicknesses of desks.


The Pro Cockpit enclosure was created as a desktop mountable unit, that allows our customers to easily build a realistic and functional flight simulator. The enclose is made from CNC'd ABS plastic, which is then assembled in-house. The enclosure has the ability to remain open in the back for customizations and easy maintenance. However, the unit is designed with a back-mounted panel to enclose and hide most of the internal electronics. Due to the texture of some of the ABS material, the glare shield has a very realistic appearance and is extremely durable while also being lightweight. The glare shield features a smoother underside which allows the user to easily mount an LED strip which can then be tied into the lighting controls on the Pro G1000 Switch Panel. ABS is also easy to manipulate or customize, which allows our customers to add their own unique flair to their simulators.


  • 2.5mm Aluminum Cessna 172 G1000 Panel
  • Pro Cockpit Frame Pro G1000 Switch Panel
  • Pro Cessna Breaker Panel Standby Instrument Screen and working bezels
  • Pause Button
  • ELT
  • Hobbs Meter
  • Cessna G1000 Throttle Quad 4 Position
  • Flaps Switch
  • Fulcrum One Yoke

ADDON OPTIONS If you are looking for a full flight simulator set up and wish to add the rest of the hardware needed to finish the Cessna 172 flight simulator, Contact Us. 

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