FV10HP - RealStack 530 Cockpit Panel with Propwash Sim and Honeycomb Support

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Orders are manufactured to order! Turn around time 5 - 10 business days. Our mission is to always offer our customers the highest quality product, top-of-the-line workmanship, and superior customer service. And all of this at the very best price possible. We know there are a lot of choices out there and we sincerely hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you with your current and future needs. Enhance your flight simulator experience today with this professional-grade flight simulator solution. ATF is bringing affordable professional-quality flight simulators to your doorstep. Perfect for home or professional use. PROFESSIONAL-GRADE HARDWARE All of our hardware is built to the standards needed for BATD and AATD level certified simulators. The difference however that sets us apart from our competition is our focus on affordability while also delivering a very high-end professional product. ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE Whether you are just starting out with your flight training, or you are an experienced pilot who is trying to remain proficient and safe, a professional-level simulator setup is an amazing tool. With our Cessna Style Desktop Mounted unit, pilots, or student pilots are able to practice proper and accurate checklist flows, Scans, Instrument procedures, Emergency Procedures, and more. Features: Not every plane you'll fly has a glass cockpit, in fact, a lot of GA aircraft don't. So let's get real. Take your flight sim to the next level of actual realism with the FV10HP RealStack 530 Cockpit Panel. Our patented flight deck panel allows you ample space for a full complement of up to eight Logitech Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs), or use our iPad mount for your six-pack instruments. This panel also supports the Honeycomb Alpha flight controls (yoke and switch panel), Logitech throttle quadrant, Flight Velocity Trim Wheel, and the full avionics stack from Propwash Simulations. This avionics stack includes an audio panel, GNS 530, KX155-like Nav/Com radio, S-Tec-like Auto Pilot, and Transponder. It really doesn't get much more real than that! Proudly constructed in the USA from high-strength ABS plastics, the Flight Velocity RealStack 530 Cockpit Panel will give you hours of realistic flight time at an equally realistic price. BLANK PANEL ONLY, avionics and flight controls sold separately. Room for eight FIPs (Steam Gauges), or iPad mount, the Honeycomb yoke, Logitech throttle quadrant, Flight Velocity Trim Wheel, and the Propwash Sim Avionics stack which includes: Audio Panel GNS 530 KX155-like Nav/Com radio S-Tec-like Auto Pilot Transponder Fully compatible with Logitech Pro Flight® series hardware Patented design proudly constructed in the USA from high-strength ABS plastics Dimensions: 31 1/8”w x 17 1/4”h (total) x 6”d - Actual panel height is 15" off the mounting surface.

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